About Us

About Us

The initiator of the BBQ Pitmaster Community is Mark Bieckmann. Mark has been cooking as a hobby for many years and was infected with the BBQ virus in 2010. Smoking and making sausage has been added in the meantime. You can not make Mark happier than good company with something nice of the BBQ combined with a nice glass of wine.

From this passion for the better BBQ work, the BBQ Pitmaster Community has developed. The purpose of the BBQ Pitmaster Community is to connect people who are also “infected” with the BBQ virus so that they can share their passion of the better BBQ food in a simple way?

We tried to accommodate everything that BBQ fanatics like in this community. For example; recipes, BBQ book reviews, BBQ restaurant reviews, event agenda and a forum where you can post all your questions and answers.

The BBQ Pitmaster Community tries to be interesting for both the beginning and the advanced BBQ lover.

Monthly, a recipe of the month will be published in collaboration with our Community Partners BBQ expert team. In addition to our Recipe of the Month, we aim to film and present recipes from other BBQ experts. But most of all we like to see your own recipes in the community. So upload them at the Recipe Upload page.

In addition to this, the BBQ Pitmaster Community has partnered with a number of Partners. Partners who all have something to offer what we like/enjoy as BBQ fanatics. All members of the BBQ Pitmaster Community can buy from these partners with a member discount. This way your monthly membership fee can be earned back without any problems.

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