Are there any rules I have to follow?

Yes, there are some rules. Not more than normal. Our rules can be summarized as follows:

  • In all communication we deal with each other on the basis of mutual respect;
  • The purpose is to help each other and enjoy our mutual BBQ passion;
  • Reviews and experience are based on own observations and experiences;
  • Except for our partners, this community is not intended for commercial expressions and promoting other vendors. Posts with this kind of content can be removed.
I totally disagree with a particular review. What to do?

Within the community you can respond as a member to opinions of others. We always do this on the basis of mutual respect. In spite of the fact that we are checking a lot, we can never see everything. Please inform us when you see “weird” things. If a member repeatedly does not comply with the community rules, he / she may be removed.

Why is the BBQ Pitmaster Community not for free?

It takes a lot of time and money to properly manage and maintain the community. That’s why we ask a small fee per month, of which 21% VAT goes to the Dutch tax office. With the discount benefit of the various partners, however, the monthly amount of € 4,95 can be earned back rather rapidly.

How do I pay my monthly membership fee?

At the end of every month, your membership fee will be collected automatically.

What happens when the first free month is over?

After the first free month, your membership will automatically continue and we will initiate your monthly payment.

What should I do when I want to stop my membership within the first free month?

Within MY ACCOUNT, you can cancel your membership. Attention: When you cancel your membership, you will lose any balance of your Ambassador Points.

The site is in 2 languages. Should I upload my recipes, reviews, etc. in 2 languages as well?

No that is not necessary. You can be active in Dutch or in English within the community. A translation module will translate Dutch into English and vice versa in an automated manner, as good and evil as it can be done in an automated way.

Sometimes I see weird textual errors. How is this possible?

This may happen occasionally when the automated translation module makes a mistake. Our excuses in advance for this.

How does the partner discount work ?

Within the BBQ Pitmaster Community, you can generate a discount code on the partner’s web page. This discount code can be used in the partner’s webshop during the checkout process. PAY ATTENTION! The discount code is linked to your email address and delivery address and is not transferable to third parties. Non-Community members can also easily benefit from the discounts by becoming a member as well.

Something went wrong with an order with one of the partners. What to do?

All our partners try to handle your order with care. If something went wrong, please report this to the partner so that they can solve this in a satisfying way.

I would also like to become a partner with my company. Is that possible?

Perhaps what you have in mind has a nice addition and fits it well within the formula. Keep in mind that the interests of our existing partners should not be harmed. Send your ideas to You will always receive a response.

I do not see any phone number. How do I get into contact?

By sending an email to Our goal is to respond within a few hours.

Technically, something is going wrong within the portal. What to do?

Then we will be pleased to hear this as soon as possible so that we can resolve it. Help us by reporting this via our email address

What is the Pitmaster Ranking?

The Pitmaster Ranking is a ranking of all members. The most active members are at the top of the list because they have earned the most Pitmaster Ranking points. The BBQ Pitmaster Community is for members and can only exist by members. We would like to reward active members through a higher listing on the Pitmaster Ranking.

How does the BBQ Pitmaster Ranking work?

The Pitmaster Ranking shows who are the most active members of the BBQ Pitmaster Community. The members high on the list post most Recipes, Book References and BBQ restaurant reviews and Forum posts. All information about the BBQ Pitmaster Ranking is available HERE.

What are Ambassador Points?

We would like you as a member to become an Ambassador and promote the BBQ Pitmaster Community with friends, acquaintances, and relations. By doing this you can earn Ambassador Points. These are then to be exchanged for interesting BBQ items.

How do the Ambassador Points work?

With the Tell-A-Friend button you can invite friends, acquaintances, and relationships to join the BBQ Pitmaster Community. The first 30 days are for free. When the member you have introduced stays a member after this free first month, you will earn your 1 Ambassador Point. 1 Ambassador Point stands for 1 euro. In the shop you can see what items you can ‘buy’ with your Ambassador Points and how many Ambassador Points each item ‘cost’. You can read all the information about the Ambassador Points HERE.

How can I redeem Ambassador Points?

If you want to use Ambassador Points in the shop, you need to change them for a COUPON CODE. You can do this by sending an email to Enter your name, email address and the number of Ambassador Points you want to redeem. You will receive a discount code in return by email. This can be used in your shopping cart during the checkout process. As mentioned, 1 point has the value of 1 euro. This discount code is linked to your email address and can only be used by you. After your discount code is used, the balance of Ambassador Points will be automatically reduced.

How can I change or delete my recipe / book reference / restaurant review?

Login and go to MY ACCOUNT. There you can customize or delete all of this.

How do I get in touch with other members?

On the MEMBERS page you will see on a map all the other members. By zooming in on the map you will see which members are living within your neighborhood. You can send a message using the CONTACT button. The other member receives an email that there is a message. In MY ACCOUNT, you can read and respond to these message.

Will my contact account details be visible to others?

Only the user name and residence you choose will be visible. All other data isn’t.

How do I end my subscription?

You can cancel your subscription on your MY ACCOUNT page. Go to the ACCOUNT DETAILS tab. There you can change status from Active to Inactive at the MEMBERSHIP STATUS. Click SAVE CHANGES, and you have stopped your membership.

You can stop your membership at any time. Your membership will stop at the end of the relevant month. Therefore, there is no refund for the remaining period.


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